Expat Corporate Insurance

Cover to help you feel better and stay well

Corporate healthcare plans:
good for your business, good for your employees

Reduces sickness absence

International Health Plans could help to minimise sickness absence by providing your employees with quick access to expert overseas medical care. They help your employees get well – and back to work – without delay, contributing to the productivity of your business. Plus, if your employees need non-emergency treatment in hospital you will know the date in advance so you can plan to cover their absence.

Increase staff loyalty, retention and recruitment

Of all the staff benefits on offer, private medical insurance is right at the top of most employees’ wish lists and could be an essential part of the support needed when working abroad. We provide quality international health insurance in collaboration with globally recognised insurers. So you can demonstrate that you take your employees’ wellbeing seriously. It could help you recruit and retain the highest calibre people.

Gives them peace of mind

When away from home, knowing they have access to quality medical treatment and advice is essential for your employees. With access to global hospital networks and our providers’ healthcare knowledge, your employees can have the peace of mind that they are in safe hands.


Small corporate groups of less than 50 employees
Our International Health Plans offer you peace of mind for the health of any of your employees working abroad. They are primarily designed for expatriate employees living abroad for more than three months a year; however in certain situations employees living in their home country may also be eligible.

If you’re sending your people overseas then you’ll want to provide them with quality international medical insurance, giving them and their family peace of mind when they’re away from home.

• Various levels of medical cover are available
• Overseas evacuation and repatriation service can be included
• Foreign language interpretation services available
• Access to confidential health information help lines
• Multi-lingual personal advisors
Large corporate groups of more than 50 employees
Looking after the healthcare needs of a large workforce can be very time-consuming and demanding, so we’ve made our International Health Plan very easy to manage.

• Quality private medical insurance for your employees and their families with prompt access to private healthcare
• Cover for your employees whilst working abroad
• Quick access to treatment to help your staff recover as swiftly as possible and return to work
• Offers a valuable staff benefit that can help your retention and recruitment
• Helps you fulfill your legal duty of care to employees and could limit your legal liability