Cover to help you feel better and stay well

Why Choose AHIAL Cell

  • We work with international expatriate insurance providers to provide a plan which is just right for you
  • Connecting you to the right medical expertise wherever you are, 24/7
  • Various levels of cover and options
  • Emergency evacuation or repatriation
  • Secure portals for submission of claims and information about your cover
  • Assistance when a second medical opinion is required

Why take out an international health plan for expatriates?

  • Aimed at people who are not resident in Malta for at least eight months of the year
  • Especially important for people living abroad, particularly where local medical facilities may be basic or inaccessible
  • Companies can demonstrate they take employees' wellbeing seriously with quality health insurance brought to you in collaboration with international expatriate insurance providers
  • Access to global networks of healthcare and medical knowledge and advice