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David Mifsud, Chief Underwriting Officer, Atlas Insurance PCC

David Mifsud

David started his insurance career in 1983 and since 1990 has been the company underwriter for Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd and its preceding agencies, responsible for the company’s overall underwriting function and product development. Since Atlas Insurance Agency Ltd converted to an Insurance Company in 2004, David has additionally been responsible for reinsurance procurement and…

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John Bonett, Consultant

John Bonett

Former insurance regulator during the period 1992 to 2003 with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as Director of Insurance. At MFSA John was actively involved in the enactment and supervision of the new Insurance legislation and the drafting of various amendments to the tax law relating to insurance business. MFSA is a founder member…

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Mark Camilleri, Chief Financial Officer, Atlas Insurance PCC

Mark Camilleri

Mark has worked with the Group since 1982 when he joined as accountant in the then Agency representation for Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance plc. Over the years Mark has worked closely with the board in executing the Group’s business plan which plan has led Atlas to be the foremost Insurance and Financial Services provider on…

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Ian-Edward Stafrace, Chief Risk Officer, Atlas Insurance PCC

Ian-Edward Stafrace

Passionate about innovation strategies and managing uncertainties to seize opportunities. He has had various roles within the Atlas group where he began in 2000 in commercial underwriting and eventually lead risk, compliance and business intelligence functions. He has further expertise in EU based insurance protected cell structures, from traditional captive models to new consumer InsurTechs…

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Michael Gatt, Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Insurance PCC

Michael Gatt

Michael Gatt is the Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Insurance PCC Limited and Chairman of Ark Insurance Management PCC Limited. He has been in the insurance industry for over 40 years, setting up an agency that represented Eagle Star and AXA in Malta. Following a merger in 2000, he became sales director for Atlas Insurance…

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